Alcools Vivant

“Alcools Vivant” was founded in 2018 in the south of the Charente. It is the first-ever French producer of 100% organic spirits, ranging from gin to cognac, whisky and rum.
At the heart of the company’s philosophy is the symbiosis of human and ecology. The name “Vivant” means ‘living’ and is an indirect reference to the production process, which is based on the utmost respect for the own terroir and for the environment in general.
The estate operates according to demanding organic farming principles, which take into account soil, water, air and all forms of animal life. “Vivant” has in fact created a complete agricultural chain, where every ingredient can be traced, and is certified and controlled, from the field to the glass.
Moreover, this approach shines through in the overall company culture, right down to the use of materials, such as bottles, labels, corks and so on. No surprise that each drink has an extremely high Planet-score®, a label that assesses nutritional quality based on well-considered environmental criteria.