Spielmann Sylvie

Domaine Sylvie Spielmann is located near the beautiful walled wine village of Bergheim in Alsace. Most of the estate is on a ridge of the Altenberg, surrounding an old gypsum quarry that the family has been operating for over a century since 1860. Some 50 years ago, they also started successfully growing vines there. To this day, that unique terroir continues to define the personality of the estate and its products. Since the 1990s, current manager Sylvie Spielmann has been working the vineyards completely biodynamically, respecting soil, climate and natural processes. This results in wines that are rich and powerful, and at the same time fine, balanced and elegant. They also combine deep and full-bodied flavour with an extremely long shelf life: the wines take time to develop their aromatic complexity as they age, while still retaining their freshness.